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Electronics Recycling

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Bridgeway partners with businesses to provide turnkey e-waste services through our Electronics Recycling program. Our 175,500 square foot plant provides safe and secure storage and processing. Our trained staff works closely with our customers and recycling partners to guarantee the most economically viable and ecologically safe method of processing goods.

When electronics manufacturers are faced with the need to dispose of obsolete, defective or returned equipment, Bridgeway's Electronics Recycling Service helps transform that equipment into useful, renewable resources.

Demanufacturing takes place in a large work cell located near the Receiving department. After inbound materials are logged into the production system and scheduled, they proceed through a conveyer line where a series of operations takes place that is specific to the equipment being processed.

Common processes include:

  • Determination of recyclable content

  • Receipt and unpacking

  • Asset serial tag recovery

  • Disassembly

  • Separation of components into recyclables such as steel, plastic, circuit boards and other items.

The resulting materials are processed in the most economically viable manner, and then sent to approved recyclers for conversion.

For more information and/or to receive a quote, contact:

Lori Mills
(815) 316-4589 or
Toll Free (844) 838-2014