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Adult Mental Health First Aid Education


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Mental Health First Aid Education


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Bridgeway and CSC present Discover Wellness Summit


Bridgeway to Screen Suicide: The Ripple Effect in Macomb


Bridgeway to Screen Suicide: The Ripple Effect


Loves Park IPS Team Is Applauded for "Unlimited Potential and Innovation!"


Bridgeway Inc. Announces Board of Director and Officer Changes


Join us for a praise concert benefitting Camp Kidz


CARF International Survey Team To Visit Bridgeway


County votes Yes on mental health tax


MEIJER and Bridgeway team up to provide employment mentoring to individuals with disabilities


Frequently Asked Questions


To download a copy of the Consumer Orientation Handbook, click on the link below.

Consumer Orientation Handbook

Consumer Orientation Handbook - Spanish Version

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People who are experiencing life problems that are impacting their everyday life may benefit from our services. These problems may range from emotional or behavioral disturbances with symptoms such as depressed mood, anxiety, thoughts of wanting to harm oneself or others, anger or aggression, difficulty eating or sleeping to decreased school performance or difficulty maintaining a job.

If you are looking for help to address issues related to mental health, developmental, intellectual or other disabilities, substance abuse problems, family issues or employment challenges, we may be the human service center for you or your loved one. Bridgeway has many specialized programs and services for adults and children. An intake assessment will help determine what services may be appropriate in addressing your life problems.

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Bridgeway has served the human needs of people in our communities as far back as 1890 with roots in serving and educating poor and disadvantaged children in Galesburg, Illinois. Today, Bridgeway maintains vibrant, effective, consumer focused services based upon best practices in the field and continuous attention to quality. Many of Bridgeway’s services are certified, licensed, or authorized by the U.S. government, state of Illinois, and local government entities. Additionally, Bridgeway has operated as nationally accredited organization, promoting the standards of CARF INTERNATIONAL (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) since 1978.

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Psychiatric Services (doctor and nursing) for adults and children.

Crisis Intervention and Psychiatric hospital screening.

Screening, Assessment, and Support Services (SASS) - A 90 day, crisis response program for children in Illinois to address acute mental health emergencies and link families with services.

Mental Health/Juvenile Justice (MHJJ). A case management and linkage program for youth who have been in detention at the Mary Davis Home and are suspected of having a mental health issue.

Mental Health Therapy - individual, family and groups for adults and children.

Substance Abuse Treatment (including DUI evaluations) for adults and adolescents, including groups and individual sessions.

Case management and community support for adults with mental illness or a developmental disability.

Vocational - Vocational Services at all locations assist with vocational placement, job search, job seeking skills, and provide continued support to maintain employment.

Affirmative Business - A Bridgeway division that provides employment opportunities for people in the community with hiring preference for persons with disabilities or veterans.

Developmental Disability Services.

Day Program/Developmental Training skill building activities offered in a structured setting in Macomb, Pekin, and Keokuk IA.

Residential services including group home and apartment settings in Macomb, Pekin and Keokuk IA. Providing housing and supportive services to individuals with mental illness or developmental disabilities.

Home and Community Based Supports.

Employment Training.

Residential services in Galesburg, Kewanee, Pekin, Macomb, and Keokuk IA.

Anger Management (every six weeks at Galesburg and Kewanee).

Drug Prevention Services - community and school based education programs, Presentations and Speaking Engagement, Youth Leadership programs planning and implementation, General Information Dissemination: pamphlets, etc. as well as Drug Free Social/Recreational events planning and participation and other needs as requested, as they relate to substance abuse prevention.

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Most mental health/substance abuse/and vocational services are initiated by contacting the intake staff at the numbers below and requesting an intake appointment **Intake can often be scheduled that day, or within 48 hours. All intakes are conducted by a therapist.

Galesburg - 309-344-4200
Monmouth - 309-734-9461
Kewanee - 309-852-4331
Macomb - 309-837-4876

A mental health intake has three steps, the screening (first appointment), the Mental Health Assessment (second appointment) and Treatment Plan development (third appointment). After this time, the therapist responsible for the intake makes appropriate referrals to other programs/services (ie the psychiatrist).

Substance abuse and DUI services are initiated by an intake as well, and have one assessment (Bridgeway Substance Abuse Assessment/State of Illinois DUI Risk Assessment), then referrals to appropriate levels of services **intakes are requested by; the consumer, court ordered, or from the Secretary of State.

Other group services, such as Anger Management or Divorce Education are arranged through a registration and prepayment process. There are no intake appointments for these services.

Crisis Intervention services are initiated anywhere in a mental health emergency or seeks immediate referral to a psychiatric emergency.

SASS services are initiated when the Illinois CARES line (1 -800 -345 -9049 ) is called (due to a child having a mental health emergency) by either a parent, school official, or ER nurse/doctor, and the CARES line deems it a mental health emergency.

Residential services for consumers with mental illnessare initiated by an intake process

To access services for persons with developmental/intellectual disabilities, you may contact our Bridgeway offices in:

Macomb (309-837-4876)
Pekin (309-382-2006)

In Illinois, these services can also be accessed by the local PAS Service Coordination agency. For Macomb, that is Western Illinois Service Coordination (309-833-1621) and for Pekin, the Service Coordination agency is Central Illinois Service Coordination (309-347-7207).

Special Note:
If you, or someone close to you, is experiencing suicidal or homicidal thoughts, you can contact a mental health professional 24/7 by calling one of the crisis hotlines below or by going to a local hospital emergency room:

Illinois Bridgeway Hotline: 1-800-322-7143

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